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Tell it Slant, Third Edition

Tell it Slant, Third Edition

Auteures : Branda Miller and Suzanne Paola

Éditeur : McGraw-Hill Education
Date de parution : août 2019

ISBN : 9781260454598

Livre pour le cours :

  • ANGL 3443  Creative Writing: Creative Nonfinction (automne 2023) - Professeur : Darryl Whetter

Résumé :

When Emily Dickinson wrote "Tell all the Truth but tell it Slant," she offered sound advice for nonfiction writers: tell the truth but become more than mere transcribers of day to day life. In this invaluable guide, two award-winning authors show you how to take advantage of your own unique take on the world to create elegant nonfiction. In this book, you will find intensive writing instruction, an abundance of writing exercises, and more. 

This updated third edition covers the most up-to-date trends in nonfiction publishing, such as writing about gender and body size. It also includes practical advice for navigating the publishing industry. Whether you''re a writing student or looking to launch a writing career, this book will help you take your writing skills to the next level.

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