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Beatrice Chancy

Beatrice Chancy

Auteur : George Elliott Clarke

Éditeur : Polestar Book Publishers

Date de parution : juin 2000

ISBN : 9781896095943

Résumé :

Beatrice Chancy is set in 1801 in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Beatrice is the daughter of a black slave who was raped by her white master. Raised in the master''s house, Beatrice is beautiful, clever, kind, and cultured-her father''s prize possession. Her declaration of love for a slave sparks tension that culminates in a monstrous act: the rape of Beatrice by her own father. From here, violence begets violence until her father is killed and Beatrice is hanged for his death. Thepassion and sorrow of Beatrice Chancy''s story are matched only by the brilliance of the language used to express it. 

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