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To Us, All Flowers Are Roses

To Us, All Flowers Are Roses

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Auteure : Lorna Goodison

Éditions : University of Illinois Press

Date de parution : 1995

ISBN : 9781252064590

Résumé :

Lorna Goodison’s sixth collection of poetry, To Us, All Flowers Are Roses, explores themes of motherhood, the history of slavery in Jamaica, and the magical healing powers of the organic splendors of the Caribbean experience. In the eyes, language, and feeling of African expression, Goodison infuses her Jamaican tongue within the everyday language of an island that has a multi-cultural history due to the raw politics of European colonization. By using both her experience as a woman of African heritage and her experience living in the New World, Goodison captures the personal and political struggles resulting from a history of forced cross-cultural interactions.

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