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The Latch : An Acadian Adventure

The Latch : An Acadian Adventure

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Auteur : Joyce Grant-Smith

Éditeur : Brun Creek Books

Date de parution : 2004

ISBN : 9780973530506

Resume :  When Ami picked up the rusty old latch in Belleisle, she had no idea that she'd be swept away, into the past, into the early days of the Acadians.  How did she get there?  How could she survive in a world without T.V., cars, shopping malls, or even bathrooms?  How would she get along with the Acadians, especially Marc, whose piercing eyes and bristly beard scared her half to death?  And worst of all, how would she ever get back home, to her own time?

Joyce Grant-Smith lives in the Belleilse, near Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.  She is married and has two children as well as a menagerie of dogs, cats and horses.  She has taught grade six for longer than she cares to admit.  Her students have helped inspire her to write.

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