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The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale

Auteure : Margaret Atwood

Éditeur : Bantam Books of Canada Ltd

Date de parution : 1986

ISBN : 9780770428204

Résumé :

Right-wing religious zealots have overthrown the United States government. America is now a fundamentalist police state where fertile young women known as Handmaids are forced to conceive children for the barren elite. Emma Campbell stars as Offred in this mesmerizing dramatization of Margaret Atwood's internationally best-selling novel. Assigned as an official breeder to the Commander (played by William B. Davis) and his jealous wife Serena Joy (Donna Goodhand), she mingles memories of her old life with dangerous thoughts of rebellion and love. Audacious and visionary, The Handmaid's Tale won the Governor General's Award for Fiction and was a runner-up for the Booker Prize.

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