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The diviners

The diviners

Auteur : Margaret Laurence

Éditeur : EMBLEM

Date de parution : mai 2017

ISBN : 9780735252813

Livre pour le cours :

  • ANGL 4913   Special Topics II (automne 2023) - Professeure : Susan Knutson

Résumé :

This is the powerful story of an independent woman who refuses to abandon her search for love. For Morag Gunn, growing up in a small Canadian prairie town is a toughening process--putting distance between herself and a world that wanted no part of her. But in time, the aloneness that had once been forced upon her becomes a precious right--relinquished only in her overwhelming need for love. Again and again, Morag is forced to test her strength against the world--and finally achieves the life she had determined would be hers.

The Diviners has been acclaimed by many critics as the outstanding achievement of Margaret Laurence's writing career. In Morag Gunn, Laurence has created a figure whose experience emerges as that of all dispossessed people in search of their birthright, and one who survives as an inspirational symbol of courage and endurance.

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