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Silence of the Songbirds

Silence of the Songbirds

Auteure : Bridget Stutchbury

Éditeur : HarperCollins

Date de parution : 2008

ISBN : 9780006395775

Livre pour le cours

  • BIOL 3423 Ornithologie (automne 2023) Professeur : Shawn Craik

Résumé : 

Migratory songbirds are disappearing at a frightening rate. By some estimates, we may have already lost almost half the songbirds that filled the skies only 40 years ago. Following the birds on their 10,000-kilometre migratory journey, Bridget Stutchbury looks at the most threatening factors in their extinction, from pesticides, still a major concern decades after Rachel Carson first raised the alarm, to the destruction of vital habitat; from the bright lights and structures in our cities—which are a minefield for migrating birds—to climate change. We may well wake up in the near future and hear no songbirds singing. We won’t only be missing their cheery calls, we’ll be missing a vital part of our ecosystem.
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