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Acadian Awekenings (Louisiana)

Acadian Awekenings (Louisiana)

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Auteur : William D. Gerrior

Éditons : Port Royal Publishing Limited

Date de parution : décembre 2002

ISBN 13 : 9780973078152

Résumé : 

This Louisiana book now follows the routes and roots of this typical Acadian family after exile to present day, in Louisiana.

If you are looking to learn about the Acadian history, deportation and afterwards this is the series for you. It follows the Gerrior Family among others from their roots to various places before, during and after deportation. It is not just based on one family, so it is easy to read, not biased or boring. It is also in English, which is a big plus for those who are interested, but do not read French. I am enjoying the series so far and recommend it highly for anyone wanting to learn more about their Acadian roots.

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