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I Lost My Talk

I Lost My Talk

Auteur : Rita Joe

Éditeur : Nimbus Publishing Ltd.

Date de parution : octobre 2019

ISBN : 9781771088107

Résumé : 

I lost my talk
The talk you took away
When I was a little girl
At Shubenacadie school.

One of Rita Joe's most influential poems, "I Lost My Talk" tells the revered Mi''kmaw Elder''s childhood story of losing her language while a resident of the residential school in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. An often quoted piece in this era of truth and reconciliation, Joe''s powerful words explore and celebrate the survival of Mi''kmaw culture and language despite its attempted eradication.

A companion book to the simultaneously published I''m Finding My Talk by Rebecca Thomas, I Lost My Talk is a necessary reminder of a dark chapter in Canada''s history, a powerful reading experience, and an effective teaching tool for young readers of all cultures and backgrounds. Includes a biography of Rita Joe and striking colour illustrations by Mi''kmaw artist Pauline Young.

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