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George & Rue : "A novel of exceptional power and imaginations."

George & Rue : "A novel of exceptional power and imaginations."

Auteur : George Elliott Clarke

Éditeur : Harper Collins

Date de parution : décembre 2005

ISBN : 9780006485698

Résumé :

By all accounts, the bludgeoning murder in 1949 of a taxi driverby brothers George and Rufus Hamilton was a "slug-ugly" crime. Georgeand Rue were hanged for it. Repelled and intrigued by his ancestral cousins''deeds, George Elliott Clarke uncovered a story of violence, poverty and shame-astory that led first to the Governor General''s Award-winning ExecutionPoems and culminated in Clarke''s brilliant and darkly comic debut novel.

Named an editor''s choice by The Bookseller inthe UK, George & Rue is a book about death that brims with fiercevitality and the sensual, rhythmic beauty that so often defines Clarke''swriting.

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